Arcon Works Limited, is a registered company in the republic of Kenya and has been in operation since February 2011.

Arcon Works Limited has grown tremendously and has proven to be a force to be reckoned with in the building, civil, water and sanitation sector.

The Company has a technical team which is adequately qualified and experienced in all sectors of the Construction Industry.

Arcon Works Limited realizes that in today’s market of construction, it is essential that our organization provides and delivers more consistent quality services that are of added value to our clients.

Now, for Arcon Works Limited to comply and align itself with goals of vision 2030, we realize that it is the time to put behind us the old adversarial approach of managing construction works and develop better and more direct relationships with our clients, to initiate teamwork on the job and to produce better quality management systems.

As contractors who are suppliers of construction services, we realize that we must in an efficient and effective way address our clients’ requirements and needs in order to achieve our goals.

We are aware that the construction industry exists to provide services to its clients who are becoming more and more demanding and are seeking higher quality, better value and lower cost.

These clients mirror the economic pressures they face in their own businesses and hence Arcon Works Limited knows that implementing total quality management and continuous improvement of all construction activities is relevant and should be a policy to all who participate in and contribute to the construction process.

We have done jobs with the Government, Parastatals, Private sector, Municipalities, County councils, NGO’s and individuals for whom we have successfully delivered quality works and on time.

Most projects undertaken by the company includes but not limited to the following: Building works, Renovations, Interior rehabilitations, Water supply, Water retaining structures, Water pans, Earth dams, Steel structures, Road gravelling, Grading, Road maintenance, Sewer and drainage works.