Our Philosophy of building is guided by a building process that has six main parts namely:

    Arcon Works recognizes that quality problems are not a new phenomenon in the construction industry. They have always existed. However at Arcon we are aware that in the past, the cause of much defective work was ignorance. Today there is no longer that excuse because enough technical knowledge exists to enable high standards of work to be maintained.

  • Arcon is aware that the difficulty is to make sure that this know-how is effectively applied where and when it is needed. We know that this problem is more of a management function, and good management starts at top. The top management at Arcon has identified three key tasks which they can perform in order to improve the quality of the work they undertake. These are as indicated as follow:-

  • i). The establishment of a corporate ethos. Through this Arcon is able to answer questions such as what is The Company’s purpose? What are its beliefs? And how do --

  • the company expect its people to behave? To the top management, Arcon does not just exist to make money. We know that our company can only maintain an ongoing business on a basis of integrity and compliance with the rules. We do not believe in tolerating bad practices and short changing our clients. To achieve long term prosperity, Arcon is aware it must satisfy three parties. It has to generate profits to satisfy the shareholders and provide funds for future investment. It has to satisfy the needs of clients who want their works completed to specification, within budget and on time. Last but not least, it has to satisfy the needs of its employees, including their training, safety and material rewards. Therefore we have evolved corporate ethos that concentrate and direct the company’s resources towards the satisfaction of these three needs. We know they are like the three legs of a tripod. Remove one leg and the whole will fail.

  • ii). The second key task of the top management in Arcon has been to set the system in motion. It has selected the right people and established an organization structure in which they can function effectively. It has made sure that tasks are defined and responsibilities delegated.

  • iii). The third key task of the top management in Arcon is the provision of leadership. Modern techniques of quality management require a change in attitudes. --

  • At Arcon we are aware old habit die hard, and one which lingers longer than most is the belief that each party in the construction team can concentrate on minimizing its own costs while relying on others to protect and satisfy the client. Arcon is aware such attitudes are incompatible with the new realities and they have to change if progress is to be made. This can only be possible with a coherent and compelling leadership. Arcon leadership compromise of people who know with absolute certainty what they believe in, what their objectives are and how they are going to achieve these objectives.

    The following are the factors that will be used to measure quality at Arcon Works:-
    1. Dimensions
    2. Appearance
    3. Strength
    4. Durability
    5. Stability
    6. Materials
    7. Performance
    8. Finishes

    At Arcon we know that our success depends on the ability by our staff to efficiently and effectively execute the various building tasks that they are responsible for.
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