(training continuation) ...Training and skills development is therefore one of our key objectives at Arcon. Training equips our staff to serve The Company and our clients better. Properly trained workers are able to deliver quality projects within budget and the agreed timescales. They also would ensure their own safety and health and also that of the general public.

    Arcon recognizes that Clients operate with limited resources and therefore there is need to utilize these resources prudently. It is aware that the future of the construction industry rests in the ability by the key players, such as contractors to manage the limited resources available wisely.

  • Arcon has put the following systems that will be used to ensure that the proposed project is completed at the tendered sum:-
    1. Efficient procurement systems. Ensures timely delivery of materials to the site
    2. Transport system
    3. A labour management system, no idle labour is encouraged. Maximum productivity is guaranteed.
    4. Materials handling systems - to avoid wastage
    5. Timely completion of projects
    6. Sound construction techniques
    7. Prudent head office management to minimize overheads
    8. Sound communication systems between head office and site and head office and consultants
    9. Careful pricing during tendering. Site visits are conducted to familiarize with site conditions so that the

    works to be done can be correctly envisaged at the time of tender.
    10. Seeking clarification from the design team in case of discrepancies between the drawings and the BQ’s in good. This would ensure that there are no changes in the conditions for executing the works.
    11. Taking necessary precautionary measures to ensure adverse weather conditions do not severely disrupt the work
    12. Efficient use of resources
    13. Avoiding excessive waste of materials
    14. Avoiding plant standing idle for long periods of time
    15. Selecting correct plant
    16. Quickly getting accurate design information from the design team
    The above if followed to the letter will guarantee the following:-
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